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I’ve written about it before and I’m sure it will come up more and more often as the kids grow up but I really laughed out loud (LOLed) the other day when Holly came over ...

Positive outlook

If you ask any person, but especially James, they will tell you that I’m the most negative person in the world. Not really when it comes to other people, I don’t like to ...


I have mentioned before here and here that people in Berlin can be quite – mmh, how to put it politely – fucking rude and horrible sometimes. The area were we lived in (seems ...


Sometimes when I read about people’s dinners on Facebook or other blogs, or when I look at my vast selection of cookery books, I feel really inspired and want to cook something ...

Bouncy happy people laughing

Were we are at the moment is like a holiday complex with lots of holiday houses arranged around a swimming pool. It’s self catering and fully equipped with everything we might ...

Potty training

First of all, I have to say that I was really quite reluctant to potty train. I was never one of those people who could not bare the thought of two in nappies, obviously cos I actively ...

Welcome to my blog

I am Martha, a mother of two and a wife of one. We live in Berlin and are trying to raise our children bilingually, German and English.

Most of all though we are trying to have lots of fun with them and live life a bit less commercially and more freely without having to rely on big companies, big organisations or big countries, too much.

I want to tell you about the challenges, struggles, weird incidents and fun times we come across as a family. Some cultural differences get us boiling with anger and some shake with laughter and it is too special not to share it with the world.

My husband James is English and I am German. Our little girl Holly is 2 years old and our even littler boy George is 10 months old. Having two children so close together in age is sometimes adventure enough and there are lots of stories to tell.

I really hope you will enjoy reading through my ramblings.

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